:: About Department of Arts ::



The J.P. College Art Department's mission is to offer students from the Bronx and surrounding regions the unique opportunity to study in high-quality art and art history programs in which both traditional studio and digital art practice share common goals and vision. Fundamental traditional and digital art making skills are taught as a vehicle for the development of creative thinking and innovative problem solving. Historical and analytical skills are emphasized, broadening a student's cultural literacy while helping prepare them for advanced study. Through a wide range of degrees and concentrations at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Details of Programmes Offered by the College:
Sl Level Programme/Course Duration Entry Quali. Medium of Instruction Sanctioned Strength
01. UG B.A.,History 48 Months Intermediate Hindi/English 234
02. UG B.A., Economics 48 Months Intermediate English/Hindi 195
03. UG B.A., Political Science 48 Months Intermediate English/Hindi 234
04. UG B.A., Psychology 48 Months Intermediate English/Hindi 65
05. UG B.A., Philosophy 48 Months Intermediate English/Hindi 130